Backup ALL your data!

Time after time we see Hard Drive failure in Laptop and Desktop Personal Computers and in Business Computers. which most of the time leads to important data loss including from business files or unrecoverable family photos.

Hard Drive failure can be instant or can occur slowly over time without you knowing. Some signs of slow failure could be slow response times or a disk check occurring as your PC is booting up. Do not take any chances when it comes to hard drive failure unless you know you are 100% backed up.

LETME@IT recommend you have ALL your documents and pictures backed up!!  You have two choice or can do both…  use a portable hard drive which is kept in a seperate location to your device or/and use the cloud storage solutions such as iCloud, GoogleDrive, OneDrive or Dropbox!

If you want to clone your hard drive for a full recovery, LETME@IT can do this for you also.

Please, make sure you are backed up at least in one location because it is hard work having to tell a customer that their data cannot be retrieved without paying over $1000…

LETME@IT have a 50% recovery rate of retrieving data, and at an affordable rate, contact us if you need help with any of the above!

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